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Album Art Design

Having a strong cd cover that jumps out and grabs people's attention is essential to getting your music heard.

Let us help you create cd packaging that really makes a statement and is a reflection of your sound! psoma design group specializes in working with you or your band one-on-one with our artist (who is also a musician) to really get a feel for what your music is about and what you'd like to express through your album art. No matter the style of music or what type of packaging - we can create expressive art concepts for your musical project!


Your image is everything.

It all starts with your logo. An idea.... an image..... a presence..... psoma design group can help you achieve this image by developing a creative and professional logo for your business, association, band, athletic team or event. 


Make a statement.

psoma design group can create any type of print advertisement you need for your marketing plan including Magazine Ads, Brochures, Catalogs, Postcards, Product Labels and more.


First impressions go a long way.

A successful business card is one of the most important marketing tools you have! psoma design group can create a dynamic business card single or double-sided to help you make a statement. First impressions go a long way. Impress someone with your business card today!

Want high-gloss or rounded edge cards for an even more dynamic punch? We also offer spot uv coating - which means part of your card is matte finish and certain parts are glossy. A brand new option we offer is called "soft touch" finish. It's an awesome silky, smooth finish that will stimulate your potential clients' tactile senses as well as their visual! Just ask us.


Grab their attention! 

Posters are a great way to advertise for an upcoming event for your company or musical group. psoma design can work with you to create an appealing poster that will catch people's attention and give them the pertinent information they need in order to make your advertising a success! We also specialize in show posters, flyers, and handbills for bands! No matter what your need, we provide high-end design at an affordable price! 


Get the gig.

So you've got a band logo and a demo and you're ready to make venues take notice.... psoma design group can help you take your band to the next level by creating a streamlined, creative press-kit.

Having a memorable press-kit package is essential for booking those high-profile gigs. Stand out from the rest! Let us help you create a press-kit that really reflects who you are and makes a lasting impression. 

Brand awareness.

Press-kits are also a creative way to advertise your business! Think of it as a step between a brochure and a catalog. We can set up pages for you to coordinate with any printer's specs you want so the formatting options are endless! 





Old school. 

psoma design group rocks digital media design, but we aren't afraid to pick up a paintbrush or pencil!